• During the submission period, as long as you do not submit the abstract, it can be saved, edited and revised online as many times as needed, until the submission period ends.

    Once you have submitted an abstract, it is still possible to make corrections prior to the submission deadline. However, the abstract has to be submitted again otherwise it will stay in “draft” status and will not be considered for the review.

    In case of errors in the abstract discovered after the deadline, you can either withdraw the abstract or – for minor errors – may indicate the correction during the presentation at the congress. However, changes will not be included in the published version of the abstract.

  • If the abstract is accepted, the author commits him/herself to present his/her work at Euroanaesthesia 2017.

    Accepted Abstract Presenters must register for the Congress before 23 March 2017! They can benefit from the Early Bird registration fee.

    If a presenter fails to register before 23 March 2017:

    • His/her abstract(s) will not be published in the e-supplement of the European Journal of Anaesthesiology and will be rejected for presentation at the Congress.
    • His/her abstract(s) will be withdrawn by the ESA and removed from all Euroanaesthesia 2017 related publications.

    View here the Congress registration fees applicable to abstract presenters.

  • The original presenter must send a written request to the ESA Secretariat by e-mail to abstracts@esahq.org including:

    • the abstract’s ‘accepted number’ (or if it is not known yet the submission number);
    • its title;
    • statement specifying that you authorise “Dr. XWZ” (who must be one of the co-authors) to present it;
    • the date of birth and a full address (including e-mail and phone) of the new presenter.

    Please note that the change of presenter is NOT accepted or completed unless you receive a reply from the ESA Secretariat confirming the change of presenter. 

    The new presenter will of course have to pre-register for the Congress by 23 March 2017 (23:59 CET).

    The original presenter is responsible for providing the new presenter with all important information regarding the abstract presentation.

    Presenter of the abstract can only be changed once.

    Please note that even if the presenter is changed according to this procedure, the order of the authors list will not be affected in any publication. It will be published as originally submitted.

  • If one of the co-authors is willing to present the abstract at the meeting, your registration can be transferred to him/her (for which an administrative fee will be charged: the standard rules about cancellations/refunds/name changes apply, with the understanding that the pre-registration of an abstract presenter must be finalised by 23 March 2017).

    Please contact abstracts@esahq.org and provide all details specified in the topic about changing the presenter.

  • YES, but only if one of the co-authors pre-registers as presenter (see above for instructions on how to change the presenter) before the pre-registration deadline (23 March 2017) and presents the abstract.

    If no one registers in time as presenter, your abstract will be withdrawn by the ESA and removed from all Euroanaesthesia-related publications (mobile app, abstract publication website(s) and Final Programme), and of course rejected for presentation at the congress itself.

    cancellations/refunds/name changes

  • No, it cannot.
    We try to avoid this from happening, but if a conflict occurs it can only be solved in the following way:

    • Find one of the co-authors to present one of the abstracts for you.
    • On site at the congress, make sure you go to the poster row where your abstract will be presented well in time and contact the chairperson of both sessions before the sessions start. Explain your case and ask the chairperson that you be allowed to be the first to present your abstract in one session and last in the other session. This way you can present both abstracts yourself.
  • All accepted abstracts will be published in their entirety as an e-supplement to the June 2017 edition of the European Journal of Anaesthesiology. They will also be made available online. Note that publication of the accepted abstract is dependent on the timely preregistration of the abstract presenter.

    If accepted for presentation at the congress, the abstract will be published as entered into the abstract submission programme. However, the editors reserve the right to edit any abstract that contains grammatical errors.

    The abstract book will be available here with the abstract books of the previous years.

  • If you have any questions regarding your abstract submission, please contact the ESA Secretariat via abstracts@esahq.org.

    When contacting the ESA Secretariat in relation to an abstract, please always mention the following data:

    • The abstract submission number.
    • The title of your abstract.
    • In case you want to change the presenter: full contact details for the new presenter, including e-mail and phone

    Within 3 business days upon submission you will get an acknowledgement letter with confirmation number via e-mail indicating the receipt of your abstract. If you do not receive an acknowledgement letter with confirmation number within 3 business days then you are responsible for contacting the ESA (esa2017@abstractserver.com) to obtain information.

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