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Welcome to Euroanaesthesia 2015! It is very exciting to welcome you to Berlin and to be celebrating the 10th anniversary of the European Society of Anaesthesiology (ESA) with you all.

The ESA as we know it today was formed by the amalgamation of the three European Society of Anaesthesiologists (former ESA), the European Academy of Anaesthesiology (EAA) and the Confederation of National Societies of Anaesthesiologists (CENSA). Many doubted it could be achieved but in 2005, due to the dedication, hard work and vision of anaesthesiologists from all the three societies a successful amalgamation was completed . We are grateful to all those who contributed to this cornerstone development of the European anaesthesiology. ESA has grown exponentially in scope, strength, standing and influence. Nowadays, as regional section of the World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists (WFSA), the ESA truly represents anaesthesiologists throughout Europe and has the authority to speak on behalf of our speciality at a global level.



Euroanaesthesia 2015 Registration Fees*

Registration fees include 19% German VAT
ESA MembersEarly Bird Registration FeesPre-Registration
On-site Registration Fee
In order to benefit from the reduced fee you need to apply and pay the ESA membership fee for 2015 by 31 Janurary 2015Until 25 Feb 2015Until 13 May 2015As of 29 May 2015
Active Member
Affiliate Member€250€500€580
Active Member Reduced Fee Countries€250€320€400
Trainee Member€250€320€400
Non Physician Registered Health Professional Member€250€320€400
Retired Member€100€320€400
Medical Student Member€540€150€200
Associate Member€610€690
Non ESA Members
Non ESA Member€590€660€740
Young Anaesthesiologist*€430€500€580
Trainee Non-Member€350€420€500
Non Physician Registered Health Professional Non-Member€350€420€500
Medical Student Non-Member**€150€200€250
* Born on or after 01/01/1985
** Medical Student not yet specialising


ESA is acknowledged worldwide as an authority in our field, in setting and aiming for the highest standards and safety in clinical practice, research, science and education. The future of the Society is well set with strong leadership, strong values, growing interests and activities and an expanding membership.

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